The Physicians of the Medical Experts Dusseldorf

Carefully chosen physicians in Dusseldorf from a wide range of medical areas support the health and well-being of international patients

Physicians selected for their reputations

These specialised physicians have been selected on the basis of their reputation among other medical practitioners. Within each specialisation, physicians themselves name a physician to be responsible for a particular area. In this way, physicians recommend other physicians able to meet set quality, service and professional standards.*

These physicians regularly treat patients in different languages. However, if there should be a language barrier, an interpreter can be provided at short notice. This ensures problem-free communication in all languages.

One Stop shop – 360 Degree services

The InterContinental Dusseldorf supports you in arranging appointments with physicians. You can reach us quickly and easily by phone or email. We are available for you nearly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This appointment service underscores our own high standards and is, naturally, free for our guests.

The Medical Experts Dusseldorf are an independent body. Since it does not work with intermediaries, there are no additional costs for making use of this appointment service.

Prof. Dr. med. Jan-Steffen Krüssel
Dr. med. Said Hilton
Dr. med. Konstantinos Zarras
Dr. med. Hilmar Balló
Dr. med. Richard Jäger
FA Benita Pflanz
FA Stephanie Ströhlein
Dr. med. Werner Timm
FA Max Timm
Gerhard Götzen
Ralf-Peter Einhoff
Dr. med. dent. Thomas Grau
Dr. med. dent. Marc Hoffmann
Dr. med. dent. Oliver Maierhofer
Dr. med. Andreas Grust
Dr. med. Peter Buddenberg
Dr. med. Dirk A. Pajonk
Dirk Arnold
Dr. med. Christoph Reis
Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kozlowski

* The InterContinental Dusseldorf does not accept any liability for medical services or the outcome of such services. Any contract for the provision of medical services is concluded solely between the patients and the physicians in question. The physicians are thus solely liable for the medical services provided.